Julianna's Story

Designing is my passion! I've never been one to follow the latest fashion trends but created my own unique style with textures and fabrics that inspired me. It’s important of course, for one to be in the correct environment for creativity, so out come the candles, on goes the music and with flowers bedecking my studio it is a joy to immerse my hands in the beauty of vintage lace, silks of every hue, with pearls, quartz crystals and semiprecious stones waiting patiently to be placed. Then slowly, secret dreams of joy come to light. I feel this beauty and express it through my creations and celebrate the pleasure of having fun with romance and joy-after all, every day is an occasion for dressing well. We deserve it!

As a child my upbringing was fraught with the pressures of the times, creativity appeared to be the plaything for children of the wealthy and privileged. I was restricted to what I could gather and here nature provided! She provided so much colour, light, textures and mediums. While I decorated  my room as a forest, I fought the system for better education for artists-after all, who hasn't some creativity in them. Later I poured this love and creativeness into my children and our home. As they flourished and blossomed my channelling could then branch out, this allowed my quirk, belief and my light to find me as a co-designer for Louise Anderson Bridal Design. Here many said my style was that of a true romantic - easy to acquiesce to such platitudes, however ,in truth I fell in love years before, in my own private forest! In love with romance and joy, with freedom to shine when my day deserved it or my mood demanded it. And I did! With abundance!

Now on my own land where my studio is surrounded by New Zealand’s beautiful bush,  I awaken to song from a thousand  birds combined in their salute to the dawn. As I walk with Rio (my apricot Cavoodle) on the sandy shores of our local beaches I feel replete, and its time to start creating! My workday is full, fun and at times frantic with creativity bubbling forth, energy flying and pieces appearing in my hands as if with magic. Before long the day is to a close. Kiwi and Kaka call to the setting sun, then gently Morepork heralds the coming dusk. It is very fulfilling.

My path has lead from refusing to be denied but knowing a wish, to creating with a knowing of joy.

Working with lace, silk, leather, cotton, linen, ribbon, wool, textures and colours control my mind, what goes with who, which occasion may this shine in....Everyday, is an occasion to me! An occasion to celebrate the beauty surrounding me and to express it through my designs.

Each day as I enter my studio I am so excited to create beautiful pieces, to finish off the finer detailing with the Swarovski crystals and pearls. Naturally all pieces are unique being hand-made and couture; however, bespoke pieces can be requested. I am fortunate to source the vintage lace in Paris, London and sometimes with luck here in New Zealand. These are special pieces as many came out with the early settlers and were family heirlooms. I see it as an honour to have one of these heirlooms and create another with it.

The creations my customers select are often heirlooms reborn. With memories, warmth and gratitude woven into the very fabric they wear, they shine with the love and care taken in each garment. This is heirloom dressing at its best and I love it. It is important to me the vintage lace has a new home and is cherished.

Join with me in celebrating yourself and these garments together.



It is the attention to detail that underlies the success of Julianna New Zealand. That and her own distinctive ability to impart joy into her creations.

Julianna lives with her partner and their children on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand.