"Trust Julianna designer pieces to create your beautiful wedding day attire. Choose to wear one of a kind - rise to a level you’ve only ever dreamed of. Creating accessories for you with elegance of style, delicate, inspired pieces which embrace the beauty of French vintage laces, silks of every hue, pearls, quartz crystals and semiprecious stones.Celebrate the joy of romance. My Collections are a showcase of true romantic style: flamboyant and intricate; working with lace, silk, leather, cotton, linen, ribbon, wool, textures and colours. From delicately hand-beaded hairpieces to gorgeously hand-crafted soft leather belts. These creations are destined to become heirlooms.Your vision-Julianna Accessories –your perfect day…dreams do come true."


Julianna bespoke pieces  available by appointment.