Is it work or is it play? xx

I just discovered this image from when we were creating A Feminine Dream Film and it really made me smile.... Here I am  surrounded by so much natural wonder and beauty, midwinter and fully immersed in the joy of the moment with my gorgeous models Steph and Elysia. They actually laughed happily away during most of the shooting which reminded me work is all about having fun whilst making your dreams come true.

Is it work or is it play?



          LAUGH AND THE WHOLE WORLD ............ 

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A Feminine Dream Film (Short Version)

Hi Everyone,

So we were not only snowed under creating our Pop Up Store at Ponsonby Central we were also very blessed  to have had the very talented New Zealand Filmmaker James Muir create a film about Julianna New Zealand amongst all the mahem at our house ,yippee !!! Incredible gratitude to James, my darling Steve, Elysia, Steph and Arianne for making this happen so very beautifully.

It was filmed at our gorgeous property in the Coromandel Mountains where we live off grid in our solar powered house immersed in the beauty of the native bush and where my studio also resides with stunning beaches surrounding us.The film features the favourite places I am blessed to embrace daily on my walks whilst gathering inspiration for creating the Feminine Dream Collection.


Please check out the shortened version by clicking on the link below or by clicking on one of the icons top right hand corner of our Homepage ( full version also on our Facebook page)


Much love

Julianna x x


                 ....................    A Feminine Dreaming


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